Aubrey Large Animal Care Services

aubrey large animal services

Large-Animal Care

For farms with small to large herds, we understand the importance of having a local, experienced large-animal veterinarian close by. The veterinarians at Town & Country Animal Hospital are able to perform a range of veterinary services onsite as well as within our modern haul-in facility. Town & Country Animal Hospital is pleased to offer both of these quality service options to our large animal clients.

Both Dr. Strittmatter and Dr. Black have extensive experience with large animals. We regularly treat cattle, goats, sheep and swine, with the occasional buffalo, alpaca, llama, camel and donkey.

In some instances, such as for vaccinations, examinations or when an animal is too ill or injured for transport, it is simply impractical to bring an animal to Town & Country Animal Hospital. In cases where an animal requires surgery, treatment for a particular disease or soundness exams for breeding, we feel the interests of our clients and their animals are best served by bringing them to our haul-in facility. Our modern cattle treatment facility is equipped with a tilting hydraulic chute that is safe for humans and allows the animal to undergo evaluation and treatment with minimal stress.

Large-Animal Services in the Aubrey and Denton, Texas Region

Our large animal services include:

Farm Calls: We perform individual animal and herd examinations and vaccinations as well as review conditions on the farm to help maximize production and decrease likelihood of disease and injury.

Vaccines: We are well versed in large animal vaccines that promote individual animal and herd health protection.

For cows and bulls, we recommend annual vaccinations just prior to breeding season. We typically vaccinate against IBR, BVD types I and II, P13, BRSV, Leptospirosis and Blackleg/Clostridial.

For calves, we recommend vaccinating at one – three months of age, and boosters four to six weeks later. In addition to the vaccines we give cows and bulls, we also vaccinate calves against Pastuerella/Mannheima and Hemophilius.

We also vaccinate replacement heifers for Brucellosis at 4 – 12 months of age.

Illness Prevention: There are a number of contagious diseases prevalent in our area. We often see cases of Blackleg, Leptospirosis, Bovine Respiratory Complex, Johnes disease, Trichomoniasis, Footrot, Lumpy Jaw and Woody Tongue. We are fully adept at offering preventative care and, if possible, treatment options.

Emergency Services: Our veterinarians frequently provide emergency services for cattle, including caesarians, obstetrics and treatment for displaced abomaums and down cows.

Town & Country Animal Hospital

Aubrey Equine Care

We provide a range of services to breeders, stables and those who keep horses at their home (commonly referred to as backyard horses). As such, we see and have considerable experience treating a number of equine breeds.

As with the care we offer to owners of farm animals, equine veterinary services can be performed either at our haul-in facility or through house and farm-calls. Whether your horse is treated locally or at the hospital depends on his / her health and the service being provided. The determination of which treatment venue is most appropriate is made by your veterinarian in consultation with the owner.

Equine Services in Aubrey

Equine services offered include:

Wellness Care: We recommend regular wellness exams with annual vaccines, 6-month boosters, and rotational de-worming every three months. During wellness examinations we will test for Coggins and check your horse's teeth and general body condition.

Vaccines: Aubrey and the surrounding area is a wonderful place to live, farm and raise horses. However, we are not immune from a number of dangerous diseases that can be devastating to your horses. There are a number of vaccines that have proved to be effective at preventing many equine diseases.

We recommend annual Rabies, Flu-EWT, Rhinotracheitis, and West Nile Virus, with six-month booster shots for Flu, Rhinotracheitis and West Nile Virus.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Medical Conditions: Though we prefer to prevent illness as much as we possibly can, there simply is no guarantee that a well-cared for horse will never face a periodic illness or injury. The veterinarians at Town & Country Animal Hospital are experienced and able to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions. These include, but are not limited to: Coggins testing for Equine Infectious Anemia, coughing, choke, respiratory infections, colic and weight loss.

Equine Dentistry: Horses and related equines often require dentistry in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy. This in turn goes a long way toward ensuring they are able to eat properly and maintain good nutritional health. The veterinarians at Town & Country Animal Hospital regularly perform teeth floating, and we have recently invested in the latest teeth-floating technology.

Equine Surgical Services: As with the preventive medical care we provide, we would much prefer to do all we can to prevent the need for surgery. However, there are times when surgery is in the best interest of your horse. Surgeries we perform include, but are not limited to, castrations, laceration repair and hernia repair.