Staff of Town & Country Animal Hospital

vet staff of aubreyMichele Adams

Veterinary Technician Michele Adams has over two decades worth of experience in the animal care field. She joined the Town and Country Animal Hospital team in 2004. At our hospital, Michele assists vets with both large and small animals and cares for surgical and hospitalized animals. She also checks large animal health regulations and provides health certificates.

When talking about the veterinarians and staff at Town and Country Animal Hospital, Michele says, "We all have unique skills and personalities but work well together towards the goal of having the best care and compassion towards all our patients."

At home, Michele has many pets. She has four dogs named Maggie, Red, Romey and Neely. She has two horses named Duggan and Buckskin. She also has three pigs named Chester White, Cross, and Duroc. She also has a 7-year-old Mississippi Map Turtle named Ethel and an assortment of chickens and cows. She enjoys spending her free time with her animals and her three children: Hayley, Hayes and Tanner.

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vet staff of aubreyChelsea Lafon

Veterinary Technician Chelsea Lafon worked in the animal field for 13 years before joining the staff at Town and Country Animal Hospital in April 2013. She previously worked at AMC of Highland Valley for 10 years as their lead technician. She has many responsibilities at our veterinary hospital, including assisting veterinarians, talking to clients, assisting in surgery, cleaning the barn, doing laundry, keeping the vet truck stocked, blood work, charting and emergency care. The part of the job she enjoys most is educating her clients on the best care for the pets. And puppies. And goats.

Chelsea says, "I like working at this hospital because everyone has the same goals and ambitions of helping our patients have the best care possible. We are a big family, including clients also."

At home, Chelsea has a Chihuahua named Moose, a lab mix named Bear, a flame point Siamese named Wyatt and a white flame Siamese named Ernie. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys photography, planting flowers, playing with her son and hanging out with friends.

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vet staff of aubreyBrandi Hierseman

Receptionist Brandi Hierseman has spent her entire career in the animal care field. She joined the staff of Town and Country Animal Hospital in 2008. Brandi manages the hospital's calls, scheduling, supplies and drugs, organizing, tech and charts. Her favorite part of her job is seeing client's smiling faces that show we've made a positive difference in a pet's life. Brandi brings strong organizational skills and comic relief to the team of veterinarians and staff around her.

Brandi likes working at Town and Country Animal Hospital because it provides above average care to our patients while taking the time to educate our clients. She says, "We are a family here, not just work associates."

At home Brandi has two dachshunds named Levi Strauss and Stubbi; three cats named Pistol, Princess and Foster; two quarter horses named American Hot Jazz ("Jazzy") and Dream of Jericho ("Jeri"); and four American paint horses named Sonny Boy Red ("Thunderbolt"), Bobbi's Sundowner ("Bob"), Woody and Booty Gin. She and her horses participate in horse shows. In her free time, she enjoys trail riding, horse shows, promoting Roany Pony Track and Apparel, and selling horse equipment.

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